Experience the ease of use of ThermoSmart


With ThermoSmart, you won’t get frustrated using and setting up your thermostat. This thermostat works so intuitively that everybody immediately understands it. Furthermore, the sleek and stylish design fits in every interior. Behind this flat ThermoSmart, lies smart technology. You don’t see it, you experience it. This way you operate your ThermoSmart easily at home using the thermostat and remotely using the free app or web portal. That’s pretty easy! > Watch the video.

Beautiful Dutch design

ThermoSmart’s display shows the room temperature by default. The buttons light up when you touch the display because it is touch sensitive. This way you can easily adjust the temperature at home and are able to read the outside temperature, for example. You only see the information you really need. Beautiful and elegant.

Operate your thermostat by remote control

You can operate your ThermoSmart remotely using the free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can see, adjust, pause and reboot the settings at any time. You can rapidly adjust your temperature with one swipe. > Watch the video about the Thermosmart apps.

Easy programming on a big screen

With the free web portal you have access to an online schedule. Use it to programme the ThermoSmart quickly and easily on a big screen. You fill out the standard week under the tab “settings”. > Watch the video about setting a standard week on the Thermosmart web portal.

You can add exceptions to the standard week – like holidays –under the tab “schedule”. This way, you can easily set your thermostat and adjust it to your way of life and never use more energy than necessary. > Watch the video about setting your schedule on the Thermosmart web portal.

Connect your Thermosmart to other devices and apps

Connect your ThermoSmart to other devices and services. This way you get more out of your ThermoSmart and your life gets a lot easier. Think e.g. of geo-fencing with Drebbl or voice commands through Homey. You will find all the options under “Connected”.


ThermoSmart is compatible with all boilers in the United Kingdom! Two standards are being supported:


ThermoSmart supports the OpenTherm communications protocol. This means the thermostat can regulate the boiler through modulation.


ThermoSmart supports the on/off communications protocol. This means the thermostat can instruct the boiler to  switch on or off. Most boilers have an on-off control. The ThermoSmart has a potential free contact capable of switching a maximum 230V with 3A.

If you are unsure, please consult your boiler manufacturer. The manufacturers know everything about the models and versions produced over the years.

In many cases, the ThermoSmart is also suitable for district heating, which often uses on/off thermostat. You can easily replace this with a ThermoSmart. Do take note that the maximum switching voltage is 230V/3A.

Easy to install

ThermoSmart is easy to install. You remove your old thermostat and connect the ThermoSmart to the existing wiring. Then you bring your ThermoSmart online by connecting it to your local network. The available online wizard guides you through installation step by step.


Always and everywhere

You can check, adjust, pause or reboot  your ThermoSmart always and everywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer.

Self learning

ThermoSmart is learning the characteristics  of your house and heating installation automatically. So your house is warm on the planned time.

Outside temperature

ThermoSmart gets the local outside temperature from the internet. You don’t need a special sensor outside (with belonging wiring). 


ThermoSmart can regulate the boiler, by OpenTherm, modulating. This means the thermostat can adjust the boiler’s capacity to the asked need of warmth.


Besides OpenTherm, ThermoSmart also has an on/off relay. This means that apart from using the thermostat for the boiler you can use it also for district heating. The Thermosmart has a potential-free contact wich switches  a maximum of  230V with 3A.


With the thermosmart you can easily switch off the  the heating function of the tapwater every time block. Sleeping without the boiler heating en geting  up with warm water.  This way you save  average  € 50,- euro a year.  OpenTherm or On/Off 230V/3A max


ThermoSmart secured its communications platform in the cloud in a way only you have access to your user details.

Seamless coorporation

You operate your ThermoSmart without any problems with your smartphones, tablets and laptops within one household.

ThermoSmart Gets Connected

ThermoSmart is accessable with public API for  Apps, IFTTT applications you develop yourself. Look for Gets connected voor further details.

Touch control

The screen is touch sensitive. The buttons lighten up when you touch the display. Handy and  just as elegant.

Have insight in and control  your consumption

On the Thermosmart portal you can see the historic temperature curve in your house. This way you get insight and control.

Auto update

ThermoSmart is being expanded regularly with new functions. The necessary software updates are carried out automatically. This way you always have the most recent software. 


ThermoSmart supports the  OpenTherm communications protocol. This means that the thermostat can regulate the boiler modulating.


Your Wifi network connects the Termosmart with the internet.  You connect your Thermosmart room thermostat to your boiler with existing wiring (2  wire cable).

Suitability boilers

ThermoSmart is suitable for all boilers in the UK. Not suitable? You get your money back!

App for iOS

ThermoSmart is operatable with met iPhone and iPad. You can download both apps in the App store.

App for Android

ThermoSmart operatable with an Android device. Download the free  app in Google Play.

Easy to install

ThermoSmart is easy to install with the online wizard.

Low electricity consumption

The consumption of ThermoSmart is 2 Watt. With 0,23 euro/kWh it makes 4 euros a year.

Installation instructions

ThermoSmart is easy to install. For the sake of completeness we developed an online wizard which guides you step bij step through the installation process.

Instruction videos

Curious about how tu use the Thermosmart? With this link you’ll get to our YouTube channel.


The ThermoSmart has warranty of 24 months. The warranty period starts when your Thermosmart is online for the first time.

Repair request

The ThermoSmart meets the European quality requirements. The delivered quality is being monitored continually. Exceptionally there might occur a defect. You can do a free repair request  by this link.


Free knowledge base

Thermosmart has an online  knowledge base. This way we can help you wherever you are.

User Community

ThermoSmart has an active user community. Do you have any ideas how we can make the Thermosmart even better? We’d love to hear from you! You can also vote for other’s proposals or  go into debate.